Opinion: The Right Write, That Left Left Out Details Are They Right?

Left Right Left Right Left Right

by F.C. Rostac Bse Mcd
Op-Ed Contributor

The problem occurs when the media liberal are allowed free access to aggregated feeds.  The contamination of such feeds is fed directly to the food of thought of journalist District Attorney David Apostote was said to have planted made up stories in the Daily Wire.

The Wire carries Anna Log and her Diggitalis column, this led to a plugging of socked article.

Are we in the truely free press meant to stand whilst stories are made up or Sit down and do nothing but write, if you have ever left a cult your right Left alone its right to have left.

These things are truths self evident to many left and right and step together the offending images I left inact right on from the left wing writer.

The image will prove the Right were right all right:


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