OPINION -The Cognitive Dissonance of Conservative Nomenclature


by F.C. Rostaco PhD. BBG BBW
Op Ed Contributor

The disillusionment of men from bronze in the towers of tepid disillusionment once again shine a light on liberal guilt. Heretical non-fiduciary of moralistic trumbpe lenance has once again stuck Hussein Fermiants into the LIBRARIAL world.

Lest we forget a poem by Neo-con GOP archietiect Hussain AL-Mushmamet.

Chapter 1 , Geniuses

On the first day Gawd created creation, because without creation it would be rather hard to create other things .

On the second day he invented time, which meant that the second day began , so technically he did it on the first day but lets not get picky. He then created the universe, a big box to put stuff in, no quite sure where he put the box, but so mighty is our Lard that he can do silly illogical stuff as he is all powerful. And it doesn’t have to make sense so up your’s atheists, perhaps you can not quite grasp the concept that he doesn’t have to make logical sense or be reasonable or follow his own rules, so suck on that one or burn in hell, which he will then create later to torture people who have half a brain, he then created freewill, just so he could send people to hell unless they do exactly what he says no matter how contradictory it is, for he is Gawd and can do what he wants, just try and stop him.

On the Third day he created the paradox, so that man would have to be very confused about the entire logic of creation and keep trying to work out who created Gawd and then who created the thing that created gawd etc. Just to confuse matters further, he then created energy and matter to put in the universe, and since big explosions are very cool, he created the big bang, and so the universe now had loads of neat stuff in it, cool burning balls and rocks flying all over the place.



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