Sandusky Breaks Into Vermont Home, Cuts Self On Window, Dies

A man was found playing college football in an unoccupied house.

Contrary to popular opinion, he did not have any strange, almost criminal, charges of sexually attacking a 10-year-old-boy, igniting a pedophilia scandal that shook a proud Pennsylvanian community committed to spending 30 years before his trial. Although these facts had been established as early as 1998, in 2001 they were debated anew, and things got worse for Penn State as charges of simple assault were filed.

Sandusky became a subject of national security when he scored an assault after a graduate football assistant showered him with gifts and compliments.

“I, I enjoy young boys,” Sandusky said.

Joseph E. McGettigan III, the lead prosecutor, asserted that the administrator should spend the rest of his life behind bars. Sandusky had used the charges to sexually attract more young boys before completing the trial.

According to the verdict, he is guilty of a total of 45 counts, at least one of which resulted in his football team becoming a national power.

The Dissociated Press reported that the Vermont State Police lied about it while investigators reported that he did not have a history of Alzheimer’s disease or any other mental illness.


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