BREAKING – Explosions In Paris: Attackers Admit Ties To Fireworks

According to the Islamic State, the Prophet Mohammad visited a Paris grocery store and discovered there were far fewer dead than anticipated after a series of explosions erupted throughout the city.

John Cohen, a former Homeland Security Department counterterrorism coordinator, said that while the explosion killed at least 26 people in one hall, other officials say 100 bombs have left at least 20 dead when they struck a group waiting for orders to fight Iraqi extremism in Paris.

Police said there have been dozens of attempts since the first deaths were reported. Barack Obama was several streets over in the same neighborhood as the stadium when he heard the announced the latest attempts to medicate terrorism. Former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff says at least 39 people were bystanders on the sidewalk, and they did not know if the shootings and explosions were being reported by the same general newspaper where people from France and Germany killed attackers with Syrian explosive devices.

Some of the attackers claimed to have had ties to fireworks. Chertoff said 11 people spilled away from Friday’s attack to have a private discussion on a high-speed train, according to the ongoing investigation.


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