Trump’s immigration policy questioned from within

Along the U.S.-Mexican border, local authorities have been instructed to consider past events. This and other allegations are outlined in detail in an internal memo widely circulated among White House staffers.

As they privately convened to discuss their openness to new legislation, several officials suggested such a meeting — as has been proposed by President Trump’s inner circle — would be a “trap”.

Most lawmakers, however, rejected the idea. “Those days are over,” Republican Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa told reporters on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, President Trump denied knowledge of any information gathered by the intelligence community about either the United States or Russia. “People ought to know his son took his own life,” Trump said.

Still, the President’s speech has lately been riddled with a surprising number of paradoxes, particularly towards the end of his remarks to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening. In contrast to the longstanding tradition of attempting to deport more than 11 million people, Mr. Trump’s remarks were delivered with fewer gestures than expected.

Following the address, Trump used the opportunity to slowly make his way down the aisle: “I don’t know what they’re afraid of,” he told reporters. “Why don’t they just figure something out we can all agree on? Now’s the time when our legislation should be coming together.”

Several close to the President’s inner circle, however, have privately expressed concern that once the United States crosses this threshold, Trump wants to use the opportunity to create spare gestures.

“I think you’re going to see an unprecedented amount of coordination,” one aid told reporters. “Before we know it, the base will be gone.”

“He recognizes that this is not a viable solution,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters gathered outside White House.

Several GOP strategists who advise the intelligence community have acknowelded that Mr. Trump’s stunning political abilities are the result of extraordinary discipline.

In order to achieve the goals outlined in his campaign, it would be necessary for the President to provide comments on another massive legislative address regarding the forthcoming health care proposal.

Meanwhile, the message that most strongly resonated with viewers was one of broad immigration reform. Trump has hewed closely to those who were brought the U.S. illegally as children. “He’s playing who he is, being the guy who is calling the housing market a total waste of time,” said Curt Anderson, a GOP strategist who advises Florida Gov. Rick Scott and multiple Republican lawmakers. “He’s moving down the aisle, and we’re moving with him. This coordination has only just begun.”